Traveling with Large Sports Equipment? Use this Method Instead and Skip the Check-in Lines at the Airport!

Traveling to a faraway place? Need to bring your large sports equipment along? No problem. If making your way through a busy airport with bags on bags sounds like you, then you don’t want to add on to that with a bike or any other large sports equipment. Luckily, there is a solution for that now – door-to-door sports equipment shipping.

How it works is you have to book a shipment with your bags or equipment over the phone or online, which you can do twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Then you pick when and where you want your luggage delivered and from when and where you want it picked up. You don’t even have to pack your luggage in anything special, all that is handled for you. You never have to worry about where your luggage is either, as it is always tracked. The best part? You’ll never have to stand in line waiting to check your luggage in and by the time you arrive at your destination, your luggage will already be there for you. When your luggage is delivered, you’ll receive notifications on your choice of method, whether it’s with an email, a phone call or a text message.

Various companies now such as Luggage Forward, offer to take your large sports equipment and have it delivered to your travel destination. This way of transporting your items is not only space efficient- without having to haul around large bags through an already stressful airport- but cost friendly too. Airlines already charge a great amount of money for a suitcase that’s overweight, imagine how much they would charge for tall and bulky sports equipment?

Whether you’re traveling by yourself, with other adults, or with children, everyone likes hassle-free traveling. Everything from the customs, shipping price and handling are dealt with at the beginning of the process, so you are never surprised with things like hidden fees and charges. What’s more is that even if you change your mind or are not certain, you can just ask for a quote without going through with anything.

Door-to-door shipping is not limited to just delivering your luggage from state to state. You can deliver your sports equipment internationally as well. Door-to-door shipping is also not limited to just sports equipment either, you can also have your normal luggage delivered to your destination as well.

That is not all, traveling while bringing along a bike on an airline is a cyclist’s worst nightmare. Imagine if you brought an expensive bicycle that cost a few thousand dollars on a plane ride with you, you then paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to check your it’s in. What happens if find out after arriving at your destination that your bike has been damaged? Do you ask for a refund from the airline? But that could take days and now your bike is unusable. What could be worse? If the airline denies your claim of damage and refuses to pay you the full price of your now destroyed bike. To avoid all this hassle many travelers with bikes and/or large sports equipment are taking drastic measures. That’s why door-to-door sports equipment shipping, is not only a method of taking your large items from place to place but a revolution in how goods are transported within the country or internationally.