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Choosing a Telephone System

The interconnection of multiple telephones with the general aim of allowing the usage of features like conference calls both audio and video, private and shared voice messaging and call handling is known as the telephone system.This can be done through the telephone network or through the internet or in some cases both.In some cases the telephone system works through the delivery of hosted services.

Communication is the backbone of every business and thus a lot of attention is required to ensure it is efficient.The size of the firm usually determines the business telephone system to be used.Multiple phones may be connected to make up a telephone system that is suitable for a small firm.Private branch exchange or PBX is the type of business telephone system used by medium sized and large companies.

The central office lines and trunks are responsible for the intercommunication among different telephone workstations through the private branch exchange or the PBX. The advance in technology and the rising popularity in the private branch exchange has led to its automation. The automation is also referred to as the private automated branch exchange or PABX.

The new features in the modern private exchanges are the support for internet telephony or VoIPOne of the private branch exchange function is creating and connecting communication between two or more telephone users.They can also be used to enhance constant communication and disconnection of the communication as per the user’s requirements.They can also be used for metering calls for accounting purposes.

In East Africa there are different companies that provide the hardware materials to ensure good and effective communication in offices and homes.Yealink is a company in Kenya that offers a wide range of goods and services that ensure good communication in and out of an organization. Not only do the conferencing equipment offered by Yea link give a modern feeling and satisfaction to the workplace but they also cut costs used for long distance and international conferencing calls.There are a number of Yea link distributors in Kenya and one of the companies known for distribution is Red star Africa Networks Limited.

In Kenya Grand stream is another company that deals in IP private branch exchange.They also offer a wide range of products to ensure effective communication.The availability of latest phones and communication equipment with the new updated features is a requirement in most companies due to the competition in the market. The private branch exchange has many calling audio conference calls, call blocking, call recording, music on hold, auto attendant and caller ID recognition are some the calling features and capabilities. The advanced technology has also led to cloud based business telephone system.

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