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The Maintenance of Spray Painting Booths

When paint is scattered on a surface from a device utilizing pressurized air, the process is called spray painting. The devices used for this work are known as paint sprayers. The spraying must be performed in a controlled environment. Spray booths provide the space for doing this task. The one doing the spraying must wear protective clothing. Other than the head to toe overall, the gear must include glasses, a mask to protect them from the fumes and boots.

It is much easier to spray and much faster due to the fact that the sprayer has enough pressure to atomize the paint. Uniform application is another advantage of using the paint sprayers. Due to the pressure of the sprayer, the paint is atomized and dispersed in the atmosphere, and thus the spraying cannot be performed in open air. The spray booths, or spray ovens, prevent such hazardous actions from happening.

All spray booths must follow the Environmental Protective Act 1990 that ensures that they are subjected to the Local Exhaust Ventilation test every two years. This secures all the surroundings and ensures that the environment is properly guarded. This is just one of the many maintenance schedules that must never be forgotten.

The next consideration is the type and quality of spray that you employ on all the surfaces you work on. Ensure that you keep the reputation of your garage high by avoiding the use of low-quality paint. Make sure that all the work done is of high quality. Do not do anything that would jeopardize the reputation of your garage.

To maintain maximum performance of the booth, you must install quality filters on the air inlet and extraction systems. After a certain period, the filters will get old, become worn and ineffective. It is for this reason that they must be replaced at regular intervals. There are different types of filters, thus, you must know which one to use. Fibre filters and the high efficiency filters come highly recommended.

Paint spray booths contain all the necessary equipment that must be used during the processes. There must be a connection of clean water to the booths which can be used for cleaning and for emergency utilization.The booths must have a direct supply of clean water that can be used for cleaning and also for use in the event of an emergency. There are other paints that require water for mixing. Depending on the type of application, the booths differ in size and shape.

Spray painting is done on surfaces of vehicles, gates, benches, window grills, etc. The surface only needs to hold and accommodate the paint to be brought to the booth. Keep in mind that the booth is not just an ordinary chamber. The booth has to be constructed by professionals. The spray booth must be properly maintained if you want to have a good reputation and reap high profits.

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