3 of the best diving spots in Croatia

For yacht and mediterranean lovers alike, Croatia is one of the finest diving sites in the world. With a wealth of history in the area, there are few that compare to the treasures and the sheer joy of diving in the mediterranean like Croatia. With yacht sales on the rise in the med, journeying across these yet largely undiscovered areas makes all the difference when you have a clear plan for your summer vacations.

From clear blue water to sea beds littered with wrecks, you have a smorgasbord of underwater lakes and museums that will enlighten and entertain the most ardent diver for their holiday.

So, which are the best places to go diving in Croatia? Here’s our 3 of the best diving spots in Croatia as guide for divers and travellers alike.

Taranto, Dubrovnik
For those that want to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site, make sure that your next holiday presents the perfect location to do so, and there is no better place than Taranto, Dubrovnik. Dive amongst the Taranto shipwreck or head to shore and explore the historic streets of one of the most beautiful walled cities in Europe, if no the world.

A short boat journey off the coast takes you to the Taranto. A ship that was carrying flour and tractors in 1943 hit an underwater mine and sank to ocean floor. Advanced divers will get to experience a real underwater journey whilst sharing the sea with octopuses, lobsters, and cardinal fish have taken up residence inside.

Bol, Brač Island

Enjoy having close encounters with playful creatures? How about doing so underwater? Well, in Bol you can. Here divers are regularly in contact with dolphins, whilst this amazing Dalmatian Island of Brač always scores top trumps for nature and history lovers alike. Crystal clear waters provide the perfect backdrop for amateur and professional divers alike, whilst the island has the quintessential Mediterranean experience.

From gourmet dining to sandy beaches, Bol is just a stone’s throw from the things that make a mediterranean holiday what it is.

Tunnel of Prvić, Prvić

For the scuba diving lovers, this is one of the most exciting and enthralling places that you can ever visit. The tunnel, which is considered as one of the best dives in Croatia and certainly one of the best in Europe measures 25 metres and brings some of the most spectacular views on exiting. Starting at 18 metres and rising to 8, divers are greeted with a burst of colour as well as gorgonians, sponges and shoals of fish.

Due to peak summer crowds in July and August, it is best avoided until later in the year, autumn being a perfect time as you will still have warm water conditions and fewer crowds.

These are just three of the perfect diving spots in Croatia, each bringing their own take and uniqueness to the diver. No matter your skill and age, you can take pleasure in these wonderful locations.

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